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When your Cat isn’t using its Litter Box

"Inappropriate Urination and/or Defecation" is a very significant problem; unfortunately, it has many different potential causes (both medical and behavioral), some of which even require emergency treatment.

In order to rule out the medical causes of "inappropriate urination and/or defecation," please schedule your cat for a physical examination by our Doctor as soon as possible. This is especially important if your cat is lethargic, has a loss of appetite, squats frequently "but is unable to go to the bathroom," or displays any other symptoms.

If your cat is otherwise entirely healthy and if you prefer to delay the visit with our Doctor, you may try some of the following in order to modify your cat’ s inappropriate elimination behavior:

(a) Clean out its litter box more frequently;

(b) Use a litter box without a lid;

(c) Provide a litter box for each cat;

(d) Provide an extra litter box for the cat(s);

(e) Change to a cleaner litter and/or an unscented litter;

(f) Change the location of the litter boxes;

(g) Reward the cat when it correctly uses the litter box;

(h) Thoroughly clean the soiled carpet area, then place moth-balls in that area.

(i) If your cat is an intact male and he is spraying on the walls or plants or baseboards (or anywhere) schedule him to be neutered as soon as possible. Not a guaranteed cure, but if you don’t neuter him, we guarantee that he will get worse!

(j) When all else fails, please schedule a visit to see our Doctor. Whether the problem is medical or behavioral, the Doctor can prescribe a treatment plan for your cat.




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