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Flea and Tick and Heartworm Control Strategies

Background: Fleas & Heartworms & Ticks are common parasites of cats, even in the best households. Because they spread diseases, flea & tick control is an important goal. Likewise, so is heartworm control. (Also, fleas are notorious for spreading tapeworms).

Strategy: To achieve flea control, it is necessary to treat ALL pets in the household, both indoor and outdoor pets, and to treat all of them on the same day. Because no product kills all stages of the flea life cycle, it is necessary to have an on-going flea control plan, typically once-a-month, every month!

Toxicity: Any flea control product, even when used correctly, can cause an adverse reaction in your pet. Cats are much more susceptible than most dogs to toxicity from flea control products. NEVER use "dog only" products on cats (ie., read the label and ensure that it is labelled for cats too!). Always read the label before applying any product to your cat (of the overdose emergencies that we have treated, none of the owners read the label beyond the words "kills fleas"; therefore, Please read the whole label!).

During or after the use of any flea product on your cat, if it starts salivating (drooling) profusely, stop administering the product and IMMEDIATELY telephone your Veterinarian (or the Veterinary Emergency Clinic). In most cases the Doctor will request that you bring your cat in to the clinic ASAP (plus, bring the label off of the flea product you used on your cat).

Flea Control Plans (for ALL Plans, treat cats all 12 months of each year):

PLAN A: For all cats 8 weeks of age & older: The new once-a-month prescription topical flea control product called "ADVANTAGE Multi" is effective for Fleas, plus roundworms, ear mites & Heartworms. As it is a prescription product, please schedule a visit with our Doctor. (Call 207-0500)

PLAN K: For kittens 3 to 7 weeks of age: Gently bathe kitten with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, gently dry kitten thoroughly, and pick off fleas with a flea comb.

For kittens under 3 weeks of age: Use flea comb only! (no chemicals, no bath).

PLAN T: Tick Control: If ticks are a minor problem at your house, then use "Advantage" for the fleas and an "over-the-counter" tick spray if you see an occasional tick (ensure that it is labelled as safe for cats).

On the other hand, if ticks are your major problem, then it is best to use a prescription product to control the ticks. Currently we are recommending "Frontline Gold" for this task. If you have a lot of ticks and a lot of fleas, then we recommend alternating products (ie., use Frontline the first month, then use "Advantage Mult"i the second month, then go back to Frontline the 3rd month).


1. If you use "Advantage Multi" once-a-month you won’t need any over-the-counter flea products!  Advantage Multi  MUST be applied to the cat's skin, NOT the hair!

2. The traditional over-the-counter flea control products consist of powders, sprays, shampoos, dips & collars. Due to the huge success of the prescription drug "Advantage", many of the older products have been re-labelled to lead you to believe that they are equally effective. We can guarantee that "Advantage" is vastly superior! (for flea control).

3. If you treat all the pets in your household, "Advantage" is truely great at killing fleas; however, it does nothing for ticks (see Plan "T" above).

4.  The oral product "Comfortis" has some unique will start killing fleas within 30 minutes and complete the job within 4 hours.  As cats are not amused with tablets, you will need to grind up the tablet & mix it with some tasty canned food.

5.  Flea control is NOT the same thing as "itch control". If your cat has any signs of skin irritation or hair loss, please schedule a visit with our Doctor. Call 207-0500.

6. We don’t carry "Program" anymore because "Advantage" is so superior!

Comparison of "ADVANTAGE Multi" versus "Frontline Gold" versus "Revolution"

Advantage Multi                                  Frontline Gold                                       Revolution
(a) Safe & VERY effective on fleas!     (a) Safe but efficacy TBA.                    (a) Safe, but slower action.
(b) Once-a-month on back of neck.    (b) Once-a-month on back of neck.     (b) Once-a-month also.
(c) For cats 8 weeks & older.               (c) For cats 8 weeks & older.               (c) Use at 8 weeks & up.
(d) Kills adult fleas really fast!            (d) Kills many fleas.                             (d) Kills fleas well.
(e) Does nothing to ticks.                   (e) Kills ticks really well.                      (e) Kills ticks on dogs but NOT on cats!
(f)  Effective against heartworms        (f) Does NOT kill heartworms               (f) Effective against heartworms
(g) & ear mites & roundworms.           (g) NOR ear mites nor roundworms      (g) & ear mites & roundworms

PLAN H: For Heartworm control in Cats: Yes, cats do become infected with heartworms. They get the disease via mosquitoes. There are several methods of preventing heartworm disease in cats. (1) Heartgard (Ivermectin) is packaged as six once-a-month chewable tablets. It also controls hookworms. It is relatively inexpensive. (2) Advantage Multi & Revolution are packaged as once-a-month topical drops. They also controls fleas, ear mites, hookworms, & roundworms.

Prices for Flea, Tick, & Heartworm control Products:  


Advantage Multi Kills Fleas & Prevents Heartworms!

(Dr. must have seen cat within 12 months)

Purple Advantage Multi (up to 18lb cat): $15/tube or 6 for $79

Orange Advantage Multi (up to 9lb cat): $15/tube or 6 for $79

Blue (Kitten) Advantage Multi (2-5lb): $14/tube or 3 for $34

Comfortis tablets (560mg/tablet) Kills Fleas!

(Dr. must have seen cat within 12 months)

One tablet (12-24lb cat)[mix into canned food]: $15/tablet or 3 for $39 or 6 for $77

NOTE: 6-12lb cat receives ½ tablet once a month

3-6lb cat receives ¼ tablet once a month

Frontline Gold for Cats to Kill Ticks!

(Dr. must have seen cat within 12 months)

One Tube (3-18lb cat): $15/tube or 3 for $39

Heartgard Chewables (Purple) for Cats Prevents Heartworm Infection!

One Tablet (5-15lb cat): $9 per tablet

3 Tablets:  $21

6 Tablets $33

For more information, please call The CAT CLINIC of Searcy at 501-207-0500.




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