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Cat Declaw Diagrams




Normal Cat Toe ANATOMY








The Right Way (Fig.31-4) to declaw a cat











the Wrong Way (Fig.31-3) to Declaw a Cat





        A.  Toe Anatomy:  Claw/Toenail = "C"; 3rd phalange (III) with bone & germinal tissue of claw; 2nd phalange (II)

        B.  Best Technique:  Deep enough to remove germinal tissue, but shallow enough to spare joint & toe pad. .           

        C.  Cut Too Shallow:   Retained germinal  tissue causes partial claw regrowth within months to years (= spurs).

        D.  Lacerated Pad:  In order to avoid retained germinal tissue, some surgeons cut too deeply, thus lacerating toe pads and causing lameness.

        [the above drawings are adapted from page 274 of Current Techniques in Small Animal Surgery, Editor M. Joseph Bojrab, DVM, MS,PhD, 1st Edition, 1975]

....a Note about "Lasers":

       As noted in the diagrams above, it is the skill of the surgeon, not his tools, which determines the outcome.  A cat  can be gently, humanely declawed with either traditional surgery or with a laser.  Conversely, when done incorrectly, a cat may be lame & disfigured regardless whether the surgeon uses a laser or a surgical instrument.

... And,  a Note about "Tendonectomies":

         Yes, there is indeed a surgical alternative to the "declaw" is called a "Tendonectomy".  This procedure will mechanically prevent the cat from extending its claws.  It is a very gentle surgical technique.  And, yes, we will be happy to provide this surgery for your cat;  however, there are some important facts to consider first:  (a) you will need to trim his toenails once a month to prevent them from growing into his footpads; and, (b) after about one year the toenails will start to grow in a knurly fashion (due to the lack of normal tension provided by the tendons); at which time you may decide to have the regular "declaw" performed.




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